Docker Hub now blocked in Russia

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What is Docker & Docker Hub ?

Docker is a platform that simplifies the process of developing, shipping, and running applications by using containerization. Containers package an application and its dependencies into a single, portable unit that can run consistently across different environments.

Docker Hub is a cloud-based repository service where users can store, share, and manage their Docker containers. It allows developers to easily access and distribute container images, facilitating collaboration and speeding up the development process by providing a centralized place to find and use pre-configured containers.

What’s going on ?

On the night of May 30, Docker Hub, the American software development service owned by Docker, restricted access to users in Russia. Experts interviewed by Kommersant (Kommersant) take into accountHe said that this blocking would cause serious and permanent problems for Russian companies.

According to Kommersant’s survey among IT companies, as of May 30, businesses do not have the opportunity to download and save developments uploaded to Docker Hub. It’s also impossible to log in to a resource via VPN or register new users to a VPN, as Docker Hub still determines which country the request came from.


As you can see from the included image, Docker Hub had already blocked a few countries previous to Russia. Now another country joins that list. It’s becoming something of a recurring theme for whatever reason. Thankfully my country is not affected… Yet…

Artem Zgogurin, Development Director of EdgeCenter Software Testing Department, confirmed that companies in Russia are already feeling the limitations of Docker Hub. According to him, blocking, in addition to loss of access to products, forces people to look for alternatives such as GitHub Container Registry, GitLab or create their own private repositories. However, launching and configuring alternative solutions will require resources and time.

Simpl CTO Evgeniy Kostenetsky noted that Docker is a very popular platform that helps quickly deploy, scale and update software, minimizing the occurrence of bugs. Head of development support group “Aladdin RD” Sergey Ranchin added that Docker is also a popular service among companies in the field of information security.

Have you been affected ? Let me know either on Fosstodon or my Discord Server.

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