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As I have mentioned on an earlier post, I was stuck between using either inxi -G or lspci commands to list GPUs available during Driver install phase of my toolkit. I opted to go with the former simply because the latter only works for dGPUs connected over PCIe. Wouldn’t work for iGPUs. Now, before going through with script, it will run inxi -G showing you your GPU setup, you are expected to understand output, if you don’t, then you need to re-evaluate your decision coming to ArchLinux a distro that requires a minimum amount of Linux knowledge. Anyway here’s what it looks like now.


How to proceed from here

Now that you know more about your specific GPU setup, you will need to answer prompts wisely. Otherwise you might end up with a broken system. So be very careful with that. If you don’t know, either ask me or do some research on your own.

In the case of Intel be it an Arc dGPU or Intel HD iGPU just drivers and required codecs will be installed. Very simple, as nothing else is required, at least to my knowledge.

For AMD iGPU or dGPU you will be prompted if you intend to use DaVinci Resolve at the end, since the app requires extra codecs for seamless functionality. Simply because it’s one that favors nVidia over AMD. It is what it is hehe.

Now for nVidia, you will be prompted for a few things, first if you are running a Desktop with a single dGPU or Hybrid Laptop with both Intel & nVidia, then it will ask if have a 900/1000 Series card or 2000 onwards simply because the former will be using standard DKMS drivers while the latter will be using the Open-DKMS ones.

Keep in mind that currently, my script only supports Intel/nVidia Hybrid setups. For AMD/nVidia and AMD iGPU+AMD dGPU you will have to find documentation elsewhere. Might I suggest the ArchWiki or Google it lol. I don’t know anything about those two nor do I have such setups. It’s up to you.

I should also mention that for nVidia, my script will do all the necessary steps for seamless gaming & Wayland usage. Like injecting the required modules into modprobe.d among other things. That way you do not need to do anything yourself. Script will be updated for the upcoming 555 Series drivers once they hit stable as they might require extra steps. keep an eye out for that.

Finally for clarification in case you don’t know :

  • dGPU : Dedicated/Discrete GPU
  • iGPU : Integrated GPU (Onboard/on CPU)

I hope this post clarifies things for you, and that you are enjoying the XeroLinux Toolkit. If you want to discuss it, share ideas on how I can improve it further, well the only place for that is my Discord Server.

See ya there ;)

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