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Before I begin, I would like to clarify that, when I say Linux in this context I mean Desktop Linux.

When I started this whole Linux endeavor, I did not have money in mind. It all started back in 2020/2021, when I fell in love with KDE Plasma while using the now infamous Manjaro Distrobution. Yes, this is when I got hooked to Linux. Now don’t get me wrong, I have since tried many DEs and WMs. But alas only KDE Plasma answered my needs.

Since then I started getting the urge to build my own Distro my way. With everything I wanted out the box. At first it was hard, real hard. I couldn’t find an easy way to do it. That’s until I stumbled upon a project we all know and love called ArcoLinux. Yep, they are all about learning and becoming self-reliant. Especially that it was based on my favorite builder Distro ArchLinux.


Now we get to the meat & potatoes of this post, why ask for money when it’s F.O.S.S ? Well in case you did not know, the Free in Free Open Source does NOT mean free of charcge, instead it means Freedom to fork and do with what you want. So us Developers have all the right in the word to charge for our time. Read that again, charge for our TIME.

Many of us are just contributers, contributing much of our free time, constantly giving without asking for anything in return. Which means no R.O.I (return on time invested). Some, not many, with a real job can do that for a long time, with the rest of us without one, or having difficulties I.R.L, use the knowledge and creations as a sole means of survival. Especially as a single individual.

Now, I do agree with you when you say, we shouldn’t force you to pay. That’s why we use the Fundraising or Donation methods. While we do not force you, it would be great if you did. Would help both of us. You get a useful product while we are able to survive to give you more. A Win-Win scenario. So if you feel like helping me out financially, you can do so via the Donate button in the menu up top or on the side if you are on mobile, or via button below. Thanks ;)

XeroLinux Distro

The Beginniing

Once I learned enough to start working on my very own Distro that I have named XeroLinux which is made of 2 words, Xero, pronounced like (Ksero), which is Greek for “I Know” or “I Understand” and Linux, combined it means “I know/understand Linux”. Clever eh ? With name in hand, the first functional ISO was built in April of 2021. Even though I was happy with it, it had way too much in the way, a bit too bloated both visually and functionally. It still needed a ton of work, making it lighter, and not too overwhelming.

Anyway, as I kept working on it, and showed it around, I was asked why not make it public and share it with the world ? At first I hesitated, but then I was like, why not ? I like being sorta famous lol, plus it was fun to learn something new every day. And the rest is history, as they say…

The end ? Killed ?

I did not kill it. The code is still there, hidden for now. As to why I stopped working on it, well, it’s simply because it had become too expensive for me to keep working on it, with too many demands for me to add this or that feature, being accused of artificially limiting its growth by refusing to do so. Not to mention the stress it was causing me due to everything that was/is going on in Lebanon. I had become the very thing thing I was running away from, a slave of my own creation.

But fear not, it’s not the end of the road… Yet, as I am still maintaining it behind-the-scenes BTW, from time to time, hoping to one day bring it back, given the right amount of interest/funding. So until then, I am working on the XeroLinux Toolkit and other projects, like, for example contributing to ArchLinux my favorite distro where I can, learning as I go. Also I am doing my best to help KDE Plasma fix issues as I find them, talking to the various devs.

If you really want to see it make a triumphant return, there’s an open-ended Fundraiser that’ll help me make it happen. It’s all up to you, do it only if you really feel I was/am doing a good job with it. Just keep in mind it will not be the same, some changes will be made. More on that as we get closer to the goal ;)

Hate in F.O.S.S

Now let’s address the other elephant in the room, the hate in the F.O.S.S community. I see a lot of Devs out there, including myself receiving hate, for that reason. Simply because of the misinterpretation of the word Free in Free Open Source. That should stop. We need a more collaborative community. There are tons of friendly ones out there, but equally there are plenty who build projects for the sake of showing off how much they despise others, the ones we call Protest Distros. Now am not going to name any names here, but the longer this goes on, the slower Linux will grow.

So if you love Linux as much as you say you do, please help your favorite projects grow in any way shape or form, either Donating for financial support if you can and are not a developer, or by simply Reporting Issues upstream helping them get better. Complaining for the sake of it, or hating will go nowhere.

Anyways, thanks for reading this. If you want to discuss the matter, you can Toot me on Fosstodon or by joining me on my Discord Server.

See ya there ;)

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