Docker Containers A Love Story ?

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What is Docker ?

Docker is a platform that simplifies the process of developing, shipping, and running applications by using containerization. Containers package an application and its dependencies into a single, portable unit that can run consistently across different environments.


How it all started

It all started with Distrobox. Yes a highly unlikly scenario I know. But the more I dug into the world of containerization the more intrigued I got. And that’s when I discovered Docker containers, their countless uses. What blew me away mostly, is the fact that I can run cloud services like Immich for images and videos, which would allow me to sync my devices locally rather than with Apple iCloud or Google making me the sole owner of my data. So freeing OMG !!! No longer bound by those shackles…

With that, I the deeper I went through this bottomless rabbit hole, the more truly useful containers I found. The idea that I can do whatever I wanted without having to deal with any 3rd party conglomerates made me fall in love more and more as time went by…

My setup so far

Yep, I know, you are eager to see what I have managed to pull off with everything I found. First, let me say this, I will not be the one guiding you on how to acheive MY setup, since your needs might differ from mine. Heck I am sure of it. Anyway, here’s a screenshot, and below it I will link to the various containers I am using in case you find them useful.


  • Homepage

To start off, let me tell you what am using for the page you see in the image, it’s simply called Homepage. Fitting name right ? I love its simplistic design, flexibility, and most of all what sold me on it is two-fold, the fact that everything is done via YAML configurations files, and that the community behind it are so damn friendly ! Yep, there is no dumb question for them, they answer any and all to the best of their abilities.If you have any, feel free to join their Discord Server.

  • File Browser

As for the File Browser I use to share files between PCs, it’s also has a creative name lol, just called FileBrowser, it serves one purpose, browsing files, with ability to upload & download from/to any PC. That’s it. It just works nothing else to say about that.

  • Search Engine (Xoogle)

Hehe, the only reason I called it Xoogle is coz it’s Xero + Google, get it ? Anyway, this is using something called Whoogle, weird name I know, loogs damn ugly too. It’s just a search engine that uses Google stripping it of all A.I crap and ads. Does its job I prefer it to any other coz I get the power of Google the way it was back in the day..

  • Vaultwarden

That’s a 3rd-party Bitwarden server-as-a-container, endorsed by them so can be trusted called Vaultwarden. I use it coz I prefer to self-host private stuff like that. Where I have total control. I still keep a copy hosted by them. It’s just in case they go under I am safe.

  • ShareX

This one is not for everyone. It uses Zipline. It’s a File upload server with a twist. I exposed mine to the web, using it to share files with friends. Use it if you need something like that.

  • My Comics

I am a big fan of comic books, especially the ones from my childhood. This container uses Kavita. I love it simplicity. I am also proud to say that I currently sponsor their work coz devs are very friendly so is this tool. It works for my needs, I hope it does for you in case you choose to use it. If you have any, feel free to join their Discord Server.

  • Audiobookshelf

I guess I do not need to explain that one. It’s just a docker container for Audiobookshelf. In case you have some Audio books or podcasts. Have fun.

  • FreshRSS

That too doesn’t need an introduction, just that it’s the feed agregator I chose to use. Called FreshRSS. It’s simple to use, looks good enough, and supports tons of plugins to extend it above and beyond.

  • Immich

Now, this is one of the big ones, Immich is an amazing image cloud like service. Allowing you to move away from Apple and Google. I love that as I said at the beginning of this long post. They even have companion apps for both Android and iOS which makes it even more amazing. Now we can sync out photos and videos between devices. I recommend this one to everyone who cares about their data.

You get the idea

Now am not gonna go over each and ever one of the containers I use. I will list the rest below linking to their related pages, have fun discovering them. Be careful though, once you begin there will be no end in sight. It’s BIG rabit hole. You have been warned lol ! It’s a super fun and nerdy adventure. Trust me. I have been here for over 3 months.

Where to find more containers ?

Well, there are many places, but my favorite has to be hands down. I love how they keep the list up-to-date showing last commit date. Site is always updated removing old unmaintained projects replacing them with newer ones. I highly recommend you bookmark this site and keep visiting it from time to time.

Closing words

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I have helped you discover something new. It’s not always one finds something that re-ignites one’s pation all over again. I know it did just that for me.

Thanks again for reading this. If you want to discuss the matter, you can Toot me on Fosstodon or by joining me on my Discord Server.

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