The Fate of XeroLinux

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What was/is XeroLinux

Well, in case you were living under a rock for the past 3 or more years, XeroLinux was and still is an Arch-Based Distrobution with a riced KDE Plasma which is inteanded to make installation simpler by using the Calamares installer, that’s it. It’s no more no less than that.

It was never built with any specific goal in mind beyond that. You still need to be armed with some Linux knowledge to get yourselves out of a tight spot if and when it happens. Limited to no support was being provided simply because I can’t do any better than what the ArchWiki does and I do not own a variety of configs to test on.


In short all this distro provides is an easy way to get up and running with the XeroLinux Toolkit included (Xero icon on the dock) to help you with initial setup if need be.

Potential Return.

I have been thinking about its fate. Should I or shouldn’t I bring it back ? I am tryiong to gather information on whether interest is still there with the following Fundraiser. But if you can’t support me financially, I came up with another idea which I will share with you here via a Poll.

First let me tell you about it. What I am thinking is, since one could achieve the same result as the distro itself by using both the ArchInstall in combination with my PlasmaInstall scripts for you advanced users out there, with the distro doing the same thing just in a simpler way for the beginners not wanting to bother with the TTY way, why not offer it as a bonus for those of you who can Donate. In case you can’t and still want to enjoy my work for free, you can use my scripts which will never be paywalled.

Bref, that’s a long way of saying, by donating, you will get the ISO that has all the essentials done for you, like ricing, basic packages, and KDE Plasma pre-configured for you out the box, or my scripts available for free, which require the use of ArchInstall. Let me know by voting below.

I am just trying to make money to survive, any way I can, in this case, by using the only tools I have at hand, my Linux knowledge, until I figure out a real job. So I do apologize if am boring you with this.

Please vote in the poll above so I know what to do. Will expire in a week so get voting. Thanks a ton for doing so. Will check on results on a daily basis. Also whatver the results are it’s Ok with me. Don’t worry about it. I will continue bringing you the best I can as I learn ;)

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